Our journey

The company Vercesa, a footwear company based in Felgueiras, Portugal exists long before its registration. In fact, our work is the result of a family adventure by sharing and continuous learning for footwear which began back in 1986. It was actually established in 2006 with the name that is today known as Vercesa. This extremely familiar posture has always been the company characteristic and that is also reflected in the management of its human resources not only in the immense aggregate connection but also on their attitude over time to grow in parallel with its employees, reflecting in some of the cases for over 30 years of collaboration.

After so many years of experience, our attitude towards the shoe could not be other than ensuring the utmost quality production. All this takes place immediately in the proximity with our customers to discuss and recognize exactly their real needs, offering tremendous flexibility finishing’s (in most cases, handmade and individualized) and providing huge production possibilities such as pratik, cemented, strobel, hand stitched, washed. All this is accompanied by a continuous technological evolution, ensuring the rigorous demands of contemporary industrialization in both the accuracy intervention and on faster deliveries, never minimally pinching the huge responsibility we owe to the beauty of our past, passion and our customer’s satisfaction. Our footwear is the reflect of all this.



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